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About me

With over 25 years of professional experience, she has had a successful career as a business executive and is currently a trilingual researcher, speaker and training facilitator in the area of professional empowerment who specializes in Visibility, Executive Presence and Political Game for corporate women.
Karinna is Trained in Cultural Biology, Ontological coaching, Gender Intelligence Coaching and Women Empowerment Success coaching. She has a degree in Business Administration and post graduation in Art Therapy.
She´s also a TEDx Speaker, author of the book Purpose and the mother of Olívia e Benjamin.

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Work with me

Workshops and practical activities to increase the self-confidence, communication and workplace politics skills of your company’s female employees


Focused on companies that want to offer the employees practical foundations so that they can promote their work as a whole. There are 6 steps for them to learn how to ``sell`` their work more confidently, authentically and ethically.

On-line courses

Unique experiences that motivate and point out paths to true female empowerment.

Talks & Lectures

Ideal for companies searching a high-level coaching process tailored for its female executives in leadership positions.

Advisory & Coaching Individual

Break the glass ceiling!


A 10 step formula for High potential Women who want to advance to more senior positions. Be it facing the challenge of taking a new position or being better prepared to navigate the challenging corporate environment, this empowering mentoring process will help you equip yourself to further your career.
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Create your life’s Purpose!


A thoroughly tested and perfected coaching methodology that will help you find the Clarity that comes from within and that you have been longing for. Get ready to take a deep dive into your truth, find out what you are really looking for and build a life of purpose and fulfillment.
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Take your leaders to the next level


Helping your leaders achieve their next challenges can be easier. I do fun and highly rated speaking engagements: from a “How women break the glass ceiling” TEdx style talk to “Men as genuine advocates for gender diversity” seminar for senior leaders to motivational speech, I’ll definitely cater to your events’ needs.
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