About me

I’m a seasoned mentor, experienced coach, lecturer and writer. I started my career in the corporate world, where I navigated from the junior levels until becoming an executive director. I worked for a range of organizations, from bank, a big Corporate Responsibility NGO, a telecom giant and an Education group, until I decided it was time to quit and open my own personal development and training business.  

However, it was not as easy as it seems: back then, I was depressed, feeling lost and not knowing what to do to put my gifts, talents and experience to work. 

I had two kids, I wanted to be there for them and I wanted to help people, that’s the only two things I knew. I had nothing in my hands: no job, no clients, no goals. BUT…these two little things became the seeds for my coaching business. I started small, seeing one person here and there, until I had an office loaded with other executives who felt exactly how I did when I was working a full time job: lost, unhappy, living a purposeless career.

That’s when things began to fall into place: I KNEW how those people felt and I knew HOW I could help them. It felt like magic. I felt empowered, useful, at ease. I felt I had found my Purpose in life! 

A lot has happened since then. After helping more than 200 hundred people finding their truths, I was able to navigate to other seas, turning personal topics of research into work themes: women empowerment, men’s new masculinities, gender intelligence and inspiring leadership, which lead me to be invited to give a heartwarming and provocative TEDx talk (Let’s talk about men), in 2016 and publish my first book, Propósito – 20 Dicas para Criar o Seu (Purpose – 20 Tips for Creating Yours).

You can find more about my story and complete bio by clicking here

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What can I offer you and your company

A 10 step formula for High potential Women who want to advance to more senior positions. Weather facing the challenge of taking a new position or by being better prepared to navigate the challenging corporate environment, this empowering mentoring process will help you equip yourself to build your career.. Click on the button to know more and apply.

Break the glass ceiling!

A heavily tested and perfected coaching methodology that will help you find a longed for Clarity that comes from within. Get ready to take a deep dive into your truth, find out what you are really looking for and build a life of purpose and fulfillment. Click on the button to know more and apply

Create your life’s Purpose!

Helping your leaders achieve their next challenges can be easier. I do fun and highly rated speaking engagements: from a ``How women break the glass ceiling`` TEdx style talk, or a ``Man as real advocates for gender diversity`` seminar for senior leaders or a motivational speech, I’ll sure cater to your events' needs. Click on the button to know more and ask for an estimate

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